News Feature | April 9, 2014

Hospitality News for VARs — April 9, 2014

Christine Kern

By Christine Kern, contributing writer

Hospitality News for VARs

Mobility and loyalty continue to be hot topics in hospitality. Major operators including Pizza Hut and Buffalo Wild Wings have been investing in new tableside — and tabletop — technology to enhance the customer service and payment experience. 

Hotels And Restaurants Dabble In Mobile Payment

This article from Hospitality Technology shows with consumers becoming more and more reliant on mobile technology in every aspect of their lives, customer-initiated mobile payments are a natural progression for both hotels and restaurants. While there is not yet widespread use of mobile wallets, experts agree that this is the future of payments.

Next-Generation Tabletop Tablets Come To Buffalo Wild Wings

In a press release, Buffalo Wild Wings, Inc. has announced it is bringing a tablet-based entertainment platform to all of their North America restaurant locations by the end of 2015. The tablet lets Buffalo Wild Wings guests order food, request songs and television programming, play games, and pay the bill.

Interactive Tabletop Technology Tested By Pizza Hut

Further evidence of the trend toward technology at the tabletop,  Hospitality Technology reports Pizza Hut is in the concept phase of testing an interactive table. The table lets guests visualize their pizza on the tabletop touchscreen as they order it, and allows them to select crust, sauce, and cheese (half or whole), and then add toppings. The entire menu also will be available on the tabletop.

Hospitality IT Talking Points  cites Bureau of Labor Statistics March data that shows the number of private sector jobs surpassed its pre-recession peak.  The article also points out the National Restaurant Association reports the restaurant industry added more than 30,000 jobs in March, “the 49th consecutive monthly gain and strongest increase since October.”

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