News Feature | July 24, 2014

Hospitality And Restaurant IT News For VARs — July 24, 2014

Christine Kern

By Christine Kern, contributing writer

Restaurant POS

In the news, responsive web design has ROI for your hotel clients. Also, a new solution links social media to make reputation-aware hotel pricing decisions.

How To Explain ROI Of Hotel Responsive Web Design

This article from Hospitality Net demonstrates the growing importance of staying competitive in an ever-changing, increasingly mobile online marketplace. Responsive website design offers real solutions that allow the hospitality industry to increase conversion rates and provide a better user experience. Creating a brand new website with a responsive design could cost as little as two thousand dollars. 

Solution Links Social Media And Hotel Pricing

According to Hospitality Net, Brand Karma and IDeaS Revenue Solutions have launched an innovative solution called the IDeaS Reputation Pricing module. Integrated into the IDeaS Revenue Management System (RMS) pricing analysis, the IDeaS Reputation Pricing module enables hotels to make reputation-aware pricing decisions by factoring in social media sentiment data. The IDeaS Reputation Pricing module will be available in an upcoming release of IDeaS RMS this month.

Hospitality And Restaurant IT Talking Points

In an interesting turn of events, this article documents how one restaurant engaged in an examination of customer complaints about timely service.  The results were unexpected:  the restaurant discovered that its service is slower because customers were spending too much time staring at their phones.

Mobile Commerce Daily reported that, in a significant expansion of its already cutting-edge mobile platform, Marriott is piloting what it claims is the first implementation by a major hotel of geo-targeted mobile offers during a stay.  The recently announced LocalPerks program will use iBeacons to send guests push notifications based on their location at one of its properties and will tie into Marriott Rewards for travelers to enjoy instant gratification via time sensitive offers.

Hospitality Net reported that the latest Chinese International Travel Monitor (CITM) reveals just how much technology has become a powerful element in the decision-making mix of this critical sector, following another record year for travel and spending. Surveying more than 3,000 Chinese international travelers and 3,000 hoteliers around the world, the third annual CITM reveals more travel, higher spending, greater independence fueled by online and mobile apps. 

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