Video | October 3, 2011

Honeywell's Mobile Computing Portfolio: Addressing The Changing Industry Landscape


This video, shot by editor in chief Sarah Howland at Honeywell's Fort Mill, SC, facility, provides an overview of two very different Honeywell mobile computing devices that address the needs of different types of mobile workers. Mika Majapuro, senior product manager for Honeywell, gives a demo of the rugged Dolphin 99EX mobile computer and the Dolphin 6000 scanphone.

Why choose the Dolphin 99EX? Honeywell's Dolphin 99EX mobile computer provides extreme durability, cutting-edge wireless technology, user-friendly ergonomics and multi-functional data capture for front-line workers operating in both indoor and outdoor environments. Purpose built for transportation and logistics applications, the 99EX was designed to take mobile worker productivity to a new level while helping to reduce operating costs.

Why choose the Dolphin 6000? Today's mobile workers require real-time communications and access to critical business data to make informed decisions at the point of customer service. Many of these information workers utilize multiple devices — such as smartphones, VoIP phones, two-way radios, laptop or tablet computers, GPS navigation systems, and bar code scanners — throughout the day. Honeywell's Dolphin 6000 scanphone converges the functionality of these devices into a single, durable, and affordable pocket-sized device.

Seeing each of these devices illustrates how the Honeywell portfolio addresses the need for high-end (Dolphin 99EX) mobile computing devices as well as lower-end, smartphone type offerings (Dolphin 6000).