News | February 21, 2014

Honeywell's Pro-Watch M-5 Conversion Revives Legacy Access Control Systems


Saves Time and Money with a Drop-in Replacement Option that Leverages Investment in Existing Hardware and Software

Integrators have a new way to modernize their customers’ security without having to completely replace older access control systems that have been in place for many years. Honeywell recently announced a drop-in board replacement for use with its Pro-Watch Security Management System that allows integrators to easily migrate third party legacy systems.

The Pro-Watch M-5 Conversion with the new Honeywell M-5 Intelligent Controller and Modules eliminates the need to replace costly down-stream hardware, wiring, input/output devices, cards, and card readers. These field devices and accessory items remain in place while the new controller technology communicates with the Pro-Watch platform. Pro-Watch integrates intrusion, video and access control systems – including non-Honeywell systems – to bring end user control of all security systems under a single, common interface. The technology provides a complete security platform that fully supports current needs, as well as future expansion opportunities.

 “The Pro-Watch M-5 Conversion refreshes software and hardware at a significant cost savings over full replacement,” said Arturo Perez, application engineer, Honeywell Security Group. “This solution represents an easy, affordable way for integrators to retain their customers by allowing them to continue using technology that’s familiar to them, while still upgrading them to a modern, integrated security system.”  

Pro-Watch is Honeywell’s flagship security management system and is available through the Honeywell Integrated Security (HIS) network. Originally introduced in 2013, Pro-Watch 4.1 supports Honeywell’s Vindicator high security intrusion detection system, as well as SALTO readers and Mercury Security control panels. These enhancements provide advanced perimeter protection tools, and more options to extend access control to large and remote facilities.

The Pro-Watch platform is available in four editions:

  • Pro-Watch Enterprise Edition designed for global enterprises with multiple locations and security systems to manage.
  • Pro-Watch Corporate Edition is ideal for large organization and campuses.
  • Pro-Watch Professional Edition provides complete functionality for organizations with up to 64 doors or requiring regulatory compliance.
  • Pro-Watch Lite Edition offers basic functionality for organizations with up to 32 doors, as well as Rapid Eye video technology.

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