Case Study

Case Study: Honeywell Mobile Computers Improve Quality And Productivity, And Provide Paperless Solution At Riool Reinigings Service

Riool Reinigings Service (RRS) has streamlined its services and staff deployment thanks to Honeywell's Dolphin 7900. Honeywell Scanning & Mobility and reseller Improvement IT have supplied RRS in the Netherlands with 200 new Dolphin 7900 mobile computers to boost the quality of the company's service. Use of the mobile computers has also cut the amount of paper needed in the company and reduced the field agents' waiting time.

RRS used a system of worksheets to record orders. Mechanics would come into the office in the morning to pick up their worksheets, and then go visit their customers. Once they had finished a job, they would call into the offi ce where planners were busy drawing up schedules. But several mechanics might be calling in at the same time for a new assignment, which meant that they often had to sit waiting in their vans for a new job to be allocated, losing on average half an hour a day. Equally, planners were constantly being interrupted by phone calls which delayed them in completing their work. And the many adjustments to the schedule meant that mechanics often had to travel further than would have been necessary if an effi cient planning system had been in place from the outset.

The Honeywell Scanning & Mobility (previously Hand Held Products) Dolphin 7900 mobile computer provided the GPS applications, colour screen, keyboard and automatic system updates that the company required. Schippers said, "We had an idea of what we wanted to spend, and also some requirements that we needed the devices to meet. For instance, we wanted the system management of the devices to be technically straightforward, and we wanted them to be compatible with infra-red printers. They had to have a colour screen, and they had to be robust enough to withstand regular use of a pen. A scanner with a keyboard was also something we were keen on."