News Feature | June 2, 2015

Home Health Tech Users To Reach 78 Million By 2020

By Megan Williams, contributing writer

Home Health

mHealth is seeing an emerging leader in the form of home health technologies. This includes:

As use trends upward (largely due to the ubiquity of broadband networking and smartphones), so will the need for devices and applications that make up the backbone of support.

The Report

Released by market intelligence firm Tractica, the reports claims that the number of users across the globe using home health technologies will grow from $14.4 million in 2014 to $78.5 million by 2020.

Tractica expects that the largest application market during that time will be medical diagnosis, monitoring, and treatment and that a new variety of connected devices and software applications will emerge. The health and wellness segment is also included in this trend.

Principal analyst Charul Vyas adds more insight: “Key factors driving interest in home healthcare technologies include rising healthcare costs, aging populations, and a rise in the number of people living with chronic diseases. However, significant challenges remain for the industry to solve, including regulatory issues, data security and privacy, and technology interoperability and integration issues.”

Market forecasts are segmented by world regions (20 in total) and product categories including remote consultation, medical monitoring and management, eldercare, and health and wellness.

Key Questions

The report (geared toward medical and health device manufacturers, mobile and wearable manufacturers, providers, payors, government agencies, and investors) addresses subjects including:

  • Key devices, services, and applications for home health tech
  • The current state of home health tech and how it will develop in the near future
  • Key applications and use cases
  • The global forecast for users, units and revenue in various categories
  • Market growth
  • Impact on healthcare systems around the world

The report is available here via paid download.