Case Study

Case Study: Hitachi Consulting Sees Its Way To Application Control With Blue Coat

Hitachi Consulting is the global business and IT consulting company of Hitachi Ltd with operations in the United States, Europe and Asia. With a client base that includes 25 percent of the Global 100 as well as many leading mid-market companies, Hitachi Consulting knows that success depends on how efficiently it can serve its global customer base. For Michael Shisko, director of IT at Hitachi Consulting, that means making the network infrastructure work efficiently and effectively for business applications, regardless of employee location.

Shisko believes that an efficient network infrastructure requires a deep understanding of the applications running on it and the ability to control those applications through a variety of mechanisms to optimize, manage or mitigate performance. To gain that visibility and control, Hitachi Consulting turned to Blue Coat PacketShaper and ProxySG appliances.

Since its inception, Hitachi Consulting has centralized applications, files and data in its Dallas data center to serve employees in all locations. To simplify serviceability in its branch offices, servers were limited, and a consistent network infrastructure was deployed across all offices to access centralized resources.