News Feature | August 18, 2015

HIMSS Launches Fall Conference On Connected Health In D.C.

By Megan Williams, contributing writer

HIMSS Launches Fall Conference On Connected Health In D.C.

In response to industry shifts toward greater use of mobile health technologies in patient engagement and care delivery, HIMSS has announced its Connected Health Conference, scheduled to be held:

  • Date: November 8 to 11, 2015
  • City: Washington, D.C.
  • Venue: The Gaylord National Resort

The conference will include three summits: the mHealth Summit, Cyber Security Summit, and the Population Health Summit. All three will occur simultaneously under the HIMSS Connected Health conference.

According to H. Stephen Lieber, CAE, HIMSS president and CEO, “Providers, policy makers, payers, and patients are increasingly relying on the collection, sharing, and integration of personal health data to increase efficiencies, empower individuals to better manage their health and wellness, reduce costs, and improve outcomes. HIMSS created the Connected Health Conference for members of the healthcare sector who are eager for valuable education, dialogue, and networking to support the integration of connected health in clinical practice and patient care.”

The Summits
Each summit will have its own specific focus with influencers and presenters from around the world.

The mHealth Summit will present on what’s new in mHealth, telehealth, and connected health. Topics will range from clinical care and patient and consumer engagement to new tech, research, impact on delivery, investment activities, and policy shifts in the business environment. This year’s summit will feature the Global mHealth Forum which includes influencers from over 50 countries discussing the developing world and advancements in mobile and connected health.

The Cyber Security Summit brings together leaders from across the U.S. to address current risks and problems in cybersecurity. They will cover topics including:

  • risk management approaches across identification
  • protection
  • detection
  • response and recovery

Panel discussion will be held to examine the impact of attacks on business continuity, as well as how they influence cost and consumer and patient trust. Attendees will receive education on using available tools and resources to identify cyberthreats to manage risk and use threat intelligence and data analytics to keep their organizations on pace with current cybersecurity threats.

The Population Health Summit will delve into case studies of population health management and real-world examples taken from currently functioning healthcare organizations. Tracts and panel topics include:

  • How healthcare organizations are preparing to offer consumer increased price and quality transparency
  • Identifying how healthcare organizations are moving from volume to value through patient-centered quality care
  • Critical success factors necessary to organizations looking to thrive in a new era of population health management.

Interested IT solutions providers can register here. Registration for any summit includes access to the other two.