Guest Column | December 3, 2013

Higher Public Profile Drives Greater Interest In Video

By Steve Gorski, General Manager Americas, MOBOTIX

Criminal activity is constantly evolving to outsmart the technology used to keep the public safe. As a result, cities across the world are investing in newer, more comprehensive surveillance technologies to stay one step ahead of the curve.

Video footage of recent incidents like the Boston Marathon bombing, the terrorist attack in a shopping mall in Nairobi, or the shooting at Los Angeles International Airport has proved useful to crime task forces in identifying criminals. It has also increased demand for video surveillance as a means to prevent future incidents. More and more, the public and private sectors are realizing the potential of less expensive, more intelligent high-resolution cameras and are collaborating to provide a network of video information and greater awareness for public safety.

Surveillance as an Investigative Tool

Criminal investigations are more effective because of improvements in camera technology. City-managed facilities including prisons, parks, and county buildings place higher-resolution cameras in key locations due to their increased capabilities and rapid sharing abilities. Video footage could prove useful, whether in real-time or post-incident for investigations, to swiftly apprehend criminals and minimize public hazards.

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