Article | January 29, 2019

Hey, Resellers: Card Brands Want To Help You Support Your Merchants

Source: EVO Payments
Credit Card EMV Chip

It’s no secret consumers love to use their plastic when it comes to making purchases. According to a recent survey done by, “Small businesses that don’t accept credit cards are losing an estimated 11.8 million customers.”

While customer loyalty is important for merchants, so is a reseller’s and their merchants’ loyalty to a card brand. In a trillion dollar credit card industry, the card brands want to provide valuable resources for you to support your merchants.

American Express has rolled out the red carpet (or should I say blue carpet) for their clients. The program, called OptBlue®, “Offers free tools to help you and your merchants make money.” The company believes attracting customers is important to merchants and they want to be there to aid in that process. The benefits of OptBlue include free marketing materials such as signage and supplies that can help make your merchants more visible in the marketplace and increase revenue.