White Paper

Here Is A Solution To Your Public Cloud Dilemma

Source: Citrix Systems

The industry is clearly moving from the "PC era" to the "cloud era." Enterprise organizations are assessing the needs of their users and applications with an eye on the cloud. While many applications will remain within corporate datacenters, there are others whose dynamic computing requirements make them good candidates for the cloud. For these, the challenge is to take advantage of the computing elasticity and economics of cloud computing without sacrificing the security that information assets (e.g. databases, directories, repositories) gain from being located on-premise within the business' own data centers. To address these needs, a hybrid cloud strategy must be implemented that addresses the following challenges:

  1. Insecure and complex connectivity -- Incompatible network policies, unaligned IP address ranges, unencrypted public networks, and other network management issues must be overcome to allow applications to span on-premise and cloud environments.
  2. Application complexity -- Enterprise applications commonly depend on shared services, including directories and databases, which reside in an on-premise data center. These applications must be made to work in the cloud without migrating or duplicating the shared services.
  3. IT silos -- While the on-premise data center and the cloud represent distinct infrastructure environments, care must be taken not to create duplicate tools, process, or teams.