Article | April 26, 2018

Helping Customers Find The Right Fit For Security

Source: Barracuda MSP

By Neal Bradbury, Senior Director of Business Development, Barracuda MSP

Data Security

When it comes to data security, there’s often a gap between what your clients think they need and what they really need. Your job as an MSP is to create and deploy a solution that will deliver both. But, determining what that solution is will require more than just checking off a list of features and capabilities.

Finding the right fit for your clients when it comes to security and data protection requires a multifaceted approach that takes several factors into account — not just the product features, but the pricing, their internal workflows, their comfort level with different deployment models, and their security goals.

Identify Your Client’s Risk Tolerance and Threat Exposure

When it comes to data security, different companies present different challenges. A retailer that processes a high number of online credit card transactions, for instance, will have different concerns than a construction company.

Help each client identify their vulnerabilities, their willingness to risk exposure, and the cost of a breach. This will likely require a fair amount of education. Clients who do not consider security a top priority may not be aware of the damage that can be done by growing threats like ransomware. By starting the conversation, you can help them see the value of a more comprehensive and advanced threat protection solution.

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