News Feature | May 16, 2014

Help Field Service Organizations Cut Costs By Modifying Workflow Processes

By Cheryl Knight, contributing writer

Field SErvice Workers

Almost two-fifths (38 percent) of field service organizations expect to save at least 30 minutes per technician every day by changing and enhancing workflow processes, a figure that translates into a potential average savings of $875,000 per year.

These findings emerged after Honeywell and The Service Council released survey findings based on input from 260 decision makers from businesses in North America, Latin America, EMEA, and Asia Pacific. The poll sought to measure field service processes to determine potential areas of improvement for these companies.

Simple process changes can drive big bottom line results

The revelations revealed that many field service organizations must more effectively align goals with processes and workflow reviews conducted in field operations to increase customer satisfaction and cut costs — areas for which VARs can provide solutions.

“The good news is field service leaders are chomping at the bit to capture savings when simple process changes across the entire field organization can drive these big bottom line results,” said Tim Eusterman, senior director of industry marketing for Honeywell Scanning & Mobility. “But our survey results also show that too many field service leaders are not placing equal focus on reviewing the process changes that will meet the stated priority strategy goal: to grow revenue.”

Key survey results revealed

Several high-ranking opportunities exist to improve technician efficiency, according to the Honeywell survey, including daily schedule management and communication, clock-in and clock-out processes, parts lookup, and resolution information, and knowledge lookup. Workflow improvement opportunities identified included planning and forecasting, scheduling, and call and appointment management.

A breakdown of key survey results follows:

  • 67 percent found opportunities for improvements to workflow efficiency.
  • 65 percent of leaders reviewed field service workflows within the past year.
  • 43 percent of workflow reviews were driven by continuous improvement programs.
  • 41 percent ranked “Planning & Forecasting” as the #1 opportunity for efficiency gains.
  • 33 percent discovered revenue enhancement opportunities.
  • 38 percent expected process changes to save 30+ minutes per tech/day — for an average savings of $875,000/yr.
  • “Daily Schedule Management & Communication” ranked as the #1 opportunity to improve technician workday effectiveness.
  • On-Time Arrival ranked #1 for a “Perfect Service Visit,” followed by “First-Time Fix,” “Completed Repair/Visit within SLA or 4 Hours,” and “Billing Accuracy.”