News Feature | December 27, 2013

Healthcare IT News For VARs — December 27, 2013

Bernadette Wilson

By Bernadette Wilson


Data breaches and security advice are in the news, as well as a prediction that EHR switching will continue into 2014 and a list of technologies that are changing healthcare — including 3D printing.  

Network And Physical Security Fails To Prevent 9 Data Breaches

A number of healthcare-related data breaches in the past few weeks should prompt your customers to consider security at their facilities — both network and physical security. Becker’s Hospital Review provides links to nine breaches in the last month.  The breaches include removing electronic security equipment, stolen laptops, missing flash drives, stolen paper files, records viewing by unauthorized personnel, and computers infected with malware. You might also want to remind your customers that with high profile healthcare issues and new regulations, healthcare data breaches are not likely to go unnoticed by the media.

Are You Aware You Are A “Business Associate”?

A Healthcare IT News article focuses data breaches as they relate to organizations and individuals designated as “business associates (BAs),” defined by the HIPAA Omnibus Rule.  "Many BAs are simply ignoring the requirements, which will lead to a plethora of data breaches in 2014," Rick Dakin, chief security strategist at Coalfire. The article says one problem is “many BAs don’t know they are BAs.” BAs include health information organizations, patient safety organizations, data transmission service providers with access to protected health information, and contractors involved with protected health information.

Data Security: A Look Back And A Look Ahead

David Holtzman, VP of privacy and security compliance at Cynergis Tek, spoke with Healthcare Informatics about trends in healthcare data in 2013. He also shared expectations for 2014, including the Office for Civil Rights revised audit program, the development of industry standards for vendors, and cybersecurity and technology standards. To listen to the podcast, click here.

EHR Switching Is Forecast To Continue Into 2014

Black Book Rankings named 2013 “the year of the Great EHR Vendor Switch.” But, what about 2014? Health IT Outcomes reports switching could continue, quoting an EHR Intelligence article featuring an interview with John Whitham, principal of Healthcare IT at ECG Management Consultants.  Whitham says reasons for changing EHR vendors range from “poor client service to being able to be Stage 2 Meaningful Use and ICD-10 compliant.” He adds that with healthcare consolidations, the dominant organization prompts system replacement.

Technologies Make An Impression On Healthcare — Sometimes In 3D

Forbes lists five technologies revolutionizing healthcare. Among the technologies is 3D printing — with applications like printing hearing aids, orthodontic and prosthetic devices, and even organs for drug toxicity testing purposes. Rounding out the list are artificial intelligence, brain-computer interfaces, robotics, and point-of-care diagnostics.

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