News Feature | August 29, 2014

Healthcare IT News For VARs — August 29, 2014

By Megan Williams, contributing writer

Healthcare IT News For VARs

In the news this week, data breaches originating in foreign countries threaten health data. In other news, KLAS predicts a 25 percent increase in replacement of EHR systems among ambulatory practices, and 3M releases a new coding system.

Community Health Data Stolen In Attack From China

According to Health IT Outcomes, a China-based group named “APT 18,” stole the social security numbers and additional personal data from Community Health Systems. The breach involved 4.5 million patients’ information. The group typically targets companies in aerospace and defense, construction and engineering, technology, financial services, and healthcare, according to Charles Carmakal, managing director with FireEye Inc’s Mandiant forensics unit.

90 Percent Of Hospitals And Clinics Lose Patient Data

According to CNN Money, a study by the Ponemon Institute showed that 90 percent of health care organizations have exposed their patient data to loss or theft in 2012 and 2013. The healthcare industry has seen more breaches than the military and banking sectors combined. As of the second week of this month, the industry has been hit with 204 incidents, and has lost 2.1 million records, not including the 4.5 million names and social security numbers taken from the Community Health Systems network earlier this week.

KLAS Predicts EHR Replacement Among Ambulatory Providers

According to a new report from KLAS, the industry can expect to see a 25 percent increase in the replacement of EHR systems among large and small ambulatory practices. The study also reports that another 12 percent are looking to replace their existing systems, but can’t currently because of financial or organizational reasons. The report also includes information on which products are most likely to be replaced, and which vendors those healthcare providers are considering.

3M Releases Next Generation Coding And Reimbursement System

3M Health Information Systems introduced a new product, 3M Coding and Reimbursement System Plus. The new software, known as CRS+, features a dynamic user display with access to DRG and reimbursement data, plus a 3M-hosted reporting tool. The new design is intended to help coders easily derive codes to simplify coding and improve productivity, specifically under ICD-10.

Talking Point

This article from Search Health IT recounts the complications that KSF Orthopedic Center faced after its early adoption of patient portal technology and subsequent sale to Intuit. It also discusses some of the interoperability issues that can crop up in non-EHR health systems.

University Of Pennsylvania researchers have found that automated alerts in EHRs can significantly reduce urinary tract infections in hospital patients with urinary catheters. Additionally, researchers found that when the alert design was simplified, the rate of improvement increased dramatically. The study also found that catheter associated urinary tract infections fell from an initial rate of .84 per 1,000 patient days to .70 per 1,000 patient-days following implementation of the first alert and .50 per 1,000 patient days following implementation of the simplified alert. Read more at Health Data Management.

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