Harness The Network Power Of Partner Ecosystems For Faster Sales, Bigger Deals, And Higher Close Rates

Source: DLH Services LLC.

Episode Seven – Putting it All Together: Recap of the Five Steps to Amazing Sales Results through Partners

Welcome to our seventh and final episode of achieving amazing sales results through partner collaboration within an ecosystem. This webinar series helped you to understand why partner to partner (P2P) relationships are important for the success of your business. P2P is becoming more and more important because more companies are adopting the partner ecosystem model.

On November 30, 2022, hosts Norma Watenpaugh (Phoenix Consulting Group), Gary Lam (Kokua Consulting Group), Dede Haas (DLH Services), and guest Anoop Nathwani (Consortio Consulting Ltd, Alliance Accelerator) recapped the five steps to achieve success with Partner Ecosystems.

Watch the video below for our final lively discussion of this webinar series! And click on P2P Collaboration  to catch up on the previous six webinar and roundtable discussions.

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