News Feature | June 26, 2014

Grocery And Convenience Store IT News for VARs — June 26, 2014

Christine Kern

By Christine Kern, contributing writer

Grocery And Convenience Store IT News for VARs

This week, cash transactions are becoming easier for store owners with new technology that allows stores to process cash payments through bar code technology. Also, beacon technology can be a boon for c-store owners, when leveraged properly. And in-store technology helps store owners to identify their customers as soon as they walk through the doors. 

Cashing In On Consumers Paying Their Bills With Cash

This article from Convenience Store News examines how store owners can benefit by tapping into the growing desire of customers to use cash to pay their bills. Now, new technology makes it easier to accept cash payment for any number of service providers, ranging from utilities to wireless providers to ecommerce companies, and beyond. In fact, there are more than 18,000 billers accepting payments via point of sale (POS) cash payment. The 68 million cash-based consumers have about 10 bills to pay each month, which is a lot of regular traffic that retailers can bring into their stores. By enabling cash payment technology, clerks can scan bills as easily as they would scan an item for purchase.

The Role Of Beacon Technology For Convenience Stores

This article from Convenience Store News examines the impact of the Bluetooth phenomenon on convenience stores. Arguing that, while the smartphone hasn’t disrupted the c-store experience, it has become ever-present in it.  This article examines how c-stores can benefit from the ever-present beacon technology to increase their sales and improve customer relationships. 

Research Shows Retailers Investing In In-store Technology To Identify Customers

Retailers are planning to invest heavily in in-store technology over the next five years, according to a survey of more than 500 North American retailers conducted by Boston Retail Partners. During that same timeframe, 75 percent of retailers responding to the survey say they plan to identify customers when they walk in the store.

The 2014 CRM/Unified Commerce Benchmark Survey of top North American retailers offers insights into retailers’ current state and planned initiatives, priorities, and future trends that relate to customer relationship management (CRM) practices.

Grocery And Convenience Store IT Talking Points

Using data from his surveillance system, a Dallas c-store owner posts “Wall of Shame” photos of thieves, according to an nbc news report.  Sam Farah, who owns several c-stores and gas stations, set up a surveillance system that includes 200 interior and exterior cameras at his Exxon Rayyan location. Clerks and managers can watch suspected shoplifters and lock the store’s doors if they start to leave without paying, after which the suspects must decide whether to pay or be arrested.

Walmart announced plans to locate an e-commerce fulfillment center in Plainfield, Ind., creating up to 303 new jobs by 2016, according to a press release.  The new 1.2 million square-foot facility will allow the company to process and ship orders for its fast-growing online operation, and will be operational in early 2015. By shipping from new distribution centers and its 4,200 U.S. stores, Wal-Mart says it has cut online delivery times by 15 percent and lowered delivery costs 22 percent.

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