News Feature | July 24, 2014

Grocery And C-Store IT News For VARs – July 24, 2014

Christine Kern

By Christine Kern, contributing writer

Grocery And C-Store IT News For VARs

In the news this week, a report also shows that the new Neighborhood Markets are actually not having the negative impact on conventional grocers that was anticipated. Also, an app underscores the trend toward indoor retail mapping.

Analyst: Neighborhood Markets Losing Share In Some Markets

Supermarket News reported that while Wal-Mart Stores has accelerated its Neighborhood Market openings, the chain is losing aggregate share in roughly one-third of its markets in which it operates those stores, according to an analysis by BMO Capital. The report suggests that the new markets may not pose as great a challenge to conventional grocers as anticipated, and that opening the Neighborhood Markets may actually be causing a cannibalistic effect on Walmart sales. 

App Is Example Of Indoor Retail Mapping Platform Trend

According to this article from BusinessWire, shoppers can now use a new Marsh App, built for Marsh by Taqtile Mobility, to find where products are located inside the 81 Marsh, O’Malia’s or Mainstreet Market Stores in Indiana and Ohio. Aisle411 is an indoor retail mapping platform used by major retailers across the U.S. to help consumers quickly find what they need while shopping and allows shoppers to better navigate retail stores by collecting, organizing and monetizing retailers’ product inventory and location data.

Grocery And Convenience Store IT Talking Points

This article from Supermarket News discusses the technological challenges of providing fresh berries to consumers. Research shows consumers prefer fresh berries over frozen, and they’re willing to pay a premium for them, but a  new white paper from retail refrigeration supplier Hillphoenix Inc., delves into the opportunities and challenges of retail berry marketing, examining why berries are particularly problematic among supermarket perishables.

At a time when many retailers are investing more deeply in customer loyalty programs, Supermarket News reported that as part of a new pricing strategy, Waldbaums, a division of A&P, is dropping its loyalty card. The new pricing approach will include lower everyday retail prices on frequently purchased items and on private label brands, according to the company.  Loyalty programs remain in place at its Pathmark, A&P and SuperFresh stores.

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