White Paper

Green Communication: A Polycom Commitment To The Planet

Polycom high definition telepresence, video, and voice solutions are changing the way organizations communicate. And that's a good thing for our planet. Although we may be geographically distant from our fellow workers, customers, and partners, we no longer have to travel to be effective. Thanks to high definition telepresence, video, and voice, we can meet virtually anytime and from anywhere. Travel is reduced, carbon emissions are reduced - and everyone wins.

Consider this: Every time two people meet over video instead of traveling round-trip - for example, between LA and New York - they save the carbon emissions that would be the equivalent of taking one car off the road for a year. (Source: Conservation International)

Your carbon footprint is part of your ecological footprint and represents the overall impact the activities your organization has on the environment. The larger your footprint, the greater the amount of greenhouse gases produced, which are measured in units of carbon dioxide (CO ).

Carbon emissions and changes in the climate are real concerns, and have resulted in an increased focus on organizations to adopt “go green” initiatives. Governments have established mandates - and organizations are being offered incentives to adopt environmentally friendly policies. Businesses are starting to realize that a responsible environmental policy not only provides a competitive advantage, but it also increases brand equity.

In light of global green initiatives, organizations are seeking ways to communicate, yet be environmentally friendly at the same time. Personal interaction among employees and customers is important, and technology exists to allow face-to-face interaction at a distance. Decreasing the amount of business travel and working from home are two viable options for organizations looking to lessen CO output and the need to heat and cool bricks and mortar.

In addition to increasing productivity and cutting travel costs, collaborative conferencing tools, using voice, video and Web are green technologies that can be used to reduce carbon emissions. These technologies can help an organization become more sensitive to the environment and the negative impact of travel.

Polycom works with organizations to identify ways in which our collaborative technologies such as voice, video, and Web conferencing can be deployed to help organizations “go green.” Our Go Green Initiative Service Program includes an evaluation of current travel patterns and practices and an assessment of how users currently work and would prefer to work and provides formulas that can be used to increase productivity, improve time efficiency, and reduce travel costs.

Polycom’s dedication to a greener planet is as simple as 1-2-3

One, we build green products
Our products are compatible with renewable energy from diverse sources. We strive to continually improve energy consumption. Our products are RoHs- and WEEE-compliant.

Two, we show customers how they can be greener on day one with our solutions
With our innovative Going Green with Polycom three-step methodology, Polycom in concert with our authorized partners helps customers benchmark video readiness; implement systems ensuring service quality and operational efficiency; and track and report video call savings in travel miles, cost of travel, carbon depletion, and system usage.

Three, as a global company located in forty countries, we minimize our own environmental impact
Polycom strives to continually reduce our carbon impact. We conserve natural resources, recycle whenever possible, and mandate usage of our own solutions in place of travel. Further, we encourage our employees to reduce personal emissions using Polycom technologies in the office and their homes.