News Feature | May 21, 2014

Government IT News For VARs — May 21, 2014

By Megan Williams, contributing writer

Government IT News

In the news, the Department of Defense released a memorandum that states contractors could be required to reveal cost information if they want to work with the department. Also, an Ohio legislative committee will vote on an “Enhanced” driver license bill, providing for chip and barcode to be added to some driver licenses. 

Did Selling To The DoD Get More Difficult?

A memorandum released by the Department of Defense titled Class Deviation — Determination of Fair and Reasonable Prices When Using Federal Supply Schedule Contracts may make determining fair and reasonable pricing more difficult for interested vendors. According to Lexology, because of the way the memorandum defines data and pricing, contractors may be required to reveal cost information if they want to work with the department.  It’s anticipated that the demands of the new requirement may drive procurement efforts to other, multiple-award vehicles.

Controversial “Enhanced” Driver License Bill Headed For House Committee Vote

An Ohio legislative committee is scheduled to vote on a bill that will allow for the issuing of driver licenses that feature a radio chip and barcode. Proponents say the enhanced licenses will allow truckers to pass more freely between the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. Opponents are concerned that both government entities and criminals could use the technology to track individuals, access their personal data, and track drivers’ locations. According to, earlier this year, Minnesota became the fifth state to offer the technologically advanced licenses.

U.S. Procurement Cybersecurity Plan Gets Critiques From Vendors

The U.S. government has released an initiative designed for the protection of the supply chain of civilian and military agencies against cyberattacks. The initiative is expected to have the biggest impact on the e-commerce procurement process. To address differences in needs for cybersecurity of different assets in the acquisition system, the plan intends to create a repeatable and scalable process for addressing cyber-risk. Read more at eCommerceTimes.

CompTIA and TechAmerica Merge

InformationWeek has reported that CompTIA has acquired TechAmerica. The new organization falls under the CompTIA name, brand, leadership, and board. Any tech-related public advocacy work will remain under the TechAmerica brand. The merger gives CompTIA benefit of TechAmerica’s knowledge of local, state, and federal government. The merger is also expected to increase their combined influence in Washington D.C. and the industry as a whole.

Energy Department Aims To Improve Inefficient Data Centers

The Energy Department has found that its data center facilities potentially consume 100 to 200 times the electricity of standard office buildings, according to the Government Accountability Office. The department is looking to improve those numbers through their upcoming Data Center Energy Challenge. FedTech Magazine reports that participating organizations will be encouraged to improve energy efficiency by 20 percent over 10 years. So far, around 10 public and private-sector organizations have committed to the challenge.

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FedTech Magazine reports on technology trends that Accenture’s 2014 Technology Vision report has called out as game changers for federal IT. Those changes are:

  • The digital-physical blur
  • Borderless enterprises
  • Data supply chain

FedTech offers explanations of each, as well as what we can expect to see in those areas over the next 100 days.

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