News | September 4, 2013

GoPago, Inc. Debuts National Reseller Distribution For Its Android Based Tablet Point Of Sale System

Steve Elefant, GoPago’s chief strategy officer announced today that the company has signed over twenty reseller organizations across the country. Collectively, these resellers will be reaching thousands of merchants with GoPago’s commerce in the cloud products, including Android Tablet point of sale (POS), mPOS and m-commerce, through a consumer-facing mobile storefront app. The company plans to have more than one hundred reseller organizations in partnership by year end, reaching several hundred thousand merchants across the United States.

“GoPago has made it so easy to get up and running. Their Reseller Central portal gives us all the information we need to sell successfully in the marketplace, including training materials, installation guides, marketing materials and other best practices,” says Greg Gooslin of GCG Consulting, Inc. “Our mission is to provide great customer service and introduce innovative technology that helps our customers execute on their business. GoPago LIVE helps fulfill this mission.”

Elefant commented, “GoPago represents the opportunity for both large and small independent sales organization agents to modernize their sales strategies and thereby change the conversation with merchants. We empower resellers, VARs and ISOs to sell against the status quo. It's no longer just about getting merchants lower processing rates; merchants want innovative, affordable systems that help run their businesses with speed, smart data and software that drives customer loyalty. GoPago solutions position sales agents as forward thinking, technologically savvy business consultants who provide tangible solutions to modernize the entire spectrum of a merchant’s commerce needs.”

GoPago, Inc. is the only all-in-one cloud-based commerce company, transforming the way merchants and consumers connect and transact. The company's GoPago LIVE POS solution links merchants and consumers in-store, online and via mobile devices, creating interaction across the entire buying experience to boost sales, enhance customer relationships and optimize merchant resources. Integrated brick-and-mortar point of sale (POS), mobile point of sale (mPOS), online storefront (e-commerce) and mobile storefront (m-commerce) sales channel capabilities, along with consumer real-time payments analytics, as well as offers and rewards, empower merchants to act on sales trend intelligence and promote their businesses anytime, anywhere, anyway. For more information, visit

SOURCE: GoPago, Inc.