White Paper

White Paper: Going Paperless In A Document Heavy World

In today's hustle and bustle of the workplace there isn't much time to consider how our daily habits can affect our production levels and the overall ambience and functionality of our environment. There is one thing consistently wreaking havoc in most office spaces however; an abundance of paper. Look around your office environment, desks are over cluttered with paper and files, storage rooms are full of large bulky cabinets and boxes upon boxes of old files, cabinets get filled with binders of corporate memos and instructional manuals. It becomes overwhelming to deal with all of the tangible information handed to us on a daily basis. But there is hope for the modern work-place. Technology has guaranteed us a more streamlined working environment, free of clutter and wasted productivity. Implementing a paperless office has become one of the growing trends in the "Going Green" revolution.

Aside from the small things organizations may implement in the office to begin cutting down on the amount of paper waste, there is one option many companies are looking to in an effort to streamline their productivity and bring their document management into the modern age. Document management software has become one of the biggest contributors of going paperless and offers high level solutions for companies whose organization depends largely on filing systems. This type of software offers companies the ability to fully digitize their documents making accessibility as simple as clicking a button. Features include organizing and indexing on multiple levels, search and retrieval options, instant view ability for multiple users, web access functions, document editing and annotations, print and e-mail capabilities, multi-format exporting options, document security, workflow management, OCR capabilities, file tracking and more. While the cost associated with going paperless may seem steep at first, in the long run it is set to save companies a monumental amount of money and time.