Case Study

Gigabit Switching Upgrade Improves Back Up Times by 700% For County Government

Source: WYNIT Distribution, LLC

D-Link Network Solution Provides High Performance Backbone

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Caldwell County Government serves over 38,000 local area residents from the county seat in Lockhart, TX. Backing up their large volume of data from digitized public records forced the county to upgrade its entire network infrastructure to Gigabit so that data could be consolidated and backed up more quickly, providing better manageability to its office network.

The Challenge

When Mark Hinnenkamp joined Caldwell County Government as its sole IT administrator, the offices’ network needed much improvement. Among its five offices, which include the Courthouse, Sheriff’s Department, Justice Center, Emergency Management and Juvenile Probation, none of them used a standardized set of networking equipment. The office networks were not linked together, which made it difficult to communicate between offices and access files. Additionally, Mark had another task which was to set up an offsite area for backing up data.

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