Gift & Loyalty

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MerchantWARE® Gift & Loyalty Card solution helps merchants and partners increase customer loyalty, retention and revenues.

MerchantWARE® Gift & Loyalty Card solution helps merchants and partners increase customer loyalty, retention and revenues. Gift card programs are a proven way for merchants to increase their retail traffic, increase their average ticket and margin and improve the cost and profitability of return transactions. Our gift card program also creates a new revenue stream for our partners. It's a free, easy to integrate value added program.

Our MerchantWARE Gift & Loyalty Card solution offers free gift card processing and unlimited gift card transactions with no monthly fees. Gift & loyalty cards are available in pre-designed and custom formats so your merchant has the freedom and flexibility to design their cards. Our card solution also offers detailed reconciliation reporting and easy online access ensuring merchants maintain complete control over card activities and transactions.

No retailer should be without a gift card processing program and every POS system should have this value-added gift card option.

Why Sell Gift Cards?
Gift & loyalty cards provide a new profit center for developers and resellers as well as merchants. Easy integration, bulk purchases of cards and online reporting are a few of the reasons why developers should offer this free value-added program. Card solutions also provide a valuable selling tool as card solutions helps protect the merchant against economic slowdowns and sluggish sales, and at the same time increases customer loyalty and retention.

There are several card options available to the merchant ranging from pre-designed cards to custom 4-color designs and slogans. All are available online with competitive bulk pricing.


  • Value Added Partner Program
  • Unlimited free gift card processing
  • Automated reporting
  • Multi-location reconciliation
  • Online card sales


  • MerchantWARE Gift & Loyalty Program offers partners an opportunity to create an easy, additional revenue stream. With MerchantWARE Gift & Loyalty you have an additional up-sell opportunity where every card purchased by your merchant results in more money in your pocket.
  • All MerchantWARE Gift card processing is free for Merchant Warehouse® credit card merchants, including gift card issue, gift card sales, and gift card reload. We can convert existing gift cards to Merchant Warehouse, and the processing is still free!
  • MerchantWARE Gift provides automated online reporting to track gift card activity and create monthly summaries of activity in single or multiple locations
  • We provide multi-location account maintenance with monthly reimbursement for each location and funds transfer through the Automated Clearing House network (ACH). Merchant Warehouse's gift card programs are easy to implement and maintain for one store or an entire group such as a franchise, mall or retail association. Merchant Warehouse can create gift cards so that they can be issued and redeemed at any participating location in a chain
  • MerchantWARE Gift on Demand™ offers online gift card sales and delivery, online value reload, and customer balance inquiry

For the Dealer/Developer:

  • Create new revenue opportunities with an easy up-sell card program
  • Enhance your POS offering and create a very loyal customer base
  • Address economic downturns by creating a profit center for you and your customers
  • Easy integration with easy to use online tools
  • Variety of card options to offer your merchants
  • Free and unlimited gift card processing

For the Merchant:

  • Increase customer retention and revenue per transaction
  • Custom and pre-designed cards to further promote your business
  • Customized promotional materials
  • Online access to view card activity
  • Protection from sluggish sales
  • Free and unlimited card processing and transactions