Case Study

GHG Logistics Keeps Sushi At The Peak Of Freshness

When it comes to a product as sensitive and delicate as sushi, quality, freshness and authenticity are critical. When Whole Foods began to open stores in Philadelphia, in 1997, they visited many local sushi restaurants to find the best and most authentic establishment, ultimately selecting Genji, a home-town favorite.

As Whole Foods Market grew, so did the number of Genji sushi bars; today, Genji operates more than 135 sushi bar locations in 18 states, the District of Columbia and in the United Kingdom, and is the largest sushi vendor within the Whole Foods Market chain.

Sushi chefs undergo rigorous training to reach the top of their craft, and require only the best ingredients at the peak of their freshness. Genji wanted to take it's outside third party provider distribution to the next level and decided to take distribution/transportation in-house, and formed GHG Logistics, a wholly owned subsidiary of Genji, to make it happen. They selected Allentown, Pennsylvania, as the ideal centralized location, and Richard Siegfried, Senior Manager of Warehousing and Distribution, had six months to build an entire warehouse operation from scratch.