Video | January 11, 2012

GFI MAX, Managed Online Backup

Source: MAXfocus
GFI Max vidshot

Check out this 2.5-minute video to learn about the GFI MAX Managed Online Backup, coming soon in Q1 2012, which enables VARs to:

  • Maintain, support, and monitor all your client's systems through a single dashboard
  • Uses True Delta Technology to search for changes at the disk block level rather than the file level
    • Small incremental updates means less bandwidth is needed,
    • It won't bog down your network during backups or restores
    • There's no hardware to install and no cumbersome tapes to swap out
  • Incorporates IASO Backup Technology
    • Uses True Delta Technology to detect, encrypt, and compress disk-block-level changes, which are then sent over the network.
    • Data can be stored in the cloud and/or locally at designated LocalSpeedVaults, for instantaneous restore.
  • Backup VMware instances, Exchange information stores, SQL Server instances, network shares, and Windows system restore points.
  • Features backup scheduler, which is fully customizable
    • allows backups to be performed whenever convenient (e.g. during low activity to cut down on network traffic)
    • specify files and folders to backup or exclude (e.g. MP3s and JPEGs)