News | March 28, 2014

GFI MAX Backup Adds Bare Metal Recovery

The GFI MAX Backup team is excited to announce our 13.6.1 release which adds Bare Metal Recovery (BMR) functionality to our Online Hybrid-cloud based Backup and Disaster Recovery solution. The ability to perform Bare Metal Recovery of Physical Windows systems is our latest implementation of features focused toward simplifying, automating and speeding system recovery following a significant data loss. BMR adds P2P recovery functionality to GFI MAX Backup and compliments the existing P2V recovery functionality made available with our Virtual Disaster Recovery (VDR) feature set introduced in Q4 of 2013.

BMR, much like our VDR functionality, leverages your daily Windows File System and System State backups to ensure you are protected in the event of a complete system failure. With BMR, manual recovery tasks disappear. The BMR tool automates the creation of bootable USB recovery media which eliminates the need to manually install an OS or backup application prior to initiating recovery. Simply insert the USB recovery media into the repaired system or a ‘like’ replacement and boot up. You will be asked for your backup device credentials and presented with a list of recovery options. BMR restores data directly from the GFI MAX Backup Cloud and is fully compatible with our LocalSpeedVault functionality which allows you to maintain a secure local backup copy that can be used for rapid restores.

GFI is committed to providing reliable, feature rich, backup and recovery technologies to our partners so that they can standardize on a single BDR solution as they look to build out Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) offerings for their end customers.

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