White Paper

Getting The Most From Backup And Cloud Computing

Source: Unitrends

This white paper from Unitrends discusses the value of cloud computing to small and medium businesses and the advantages and the drawbacks of cloud-computing – particularly as it applies to business continuity and disaster recovery. It begins with an introduction to what a cloud is, saying, “One popular definition, which we’ve modified slightly from the original, is that you know you’re using cloud-based computing when the crash of a computer you’ve never heard of stops you from getting any work done.”

It follows up with the actual definition, stating, “Seriously, cloud-based computing is an information technology model by which resources, software, and data are provided as an on-demand service.” This paper likens cloud-based computing to the services provided by a utility company, such that you simply plug it in or hook it up and it works without you having to understand how it works.

Cloud-based solutions also come in two different categories: private clouds and public clouds. A private cloud is only used by a single entity and is accessible only within some well-defined private domain. Public clouds are accessible in a broad public domain and can have multiple users from multiple organizations and/or individual users.

To learn more about cloud computing solutions, cloud backup, and disaster recovery with cloud solutions download this white paper below.