Article | July 23, 2019

Future Of Mobile And Web Application Testing

By Ray Parker

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As the number of mobile users increases, mobile app testers are more concerned to come up with ideas that can improve their applications. This changing environment is making software testing challenging and has also brought the need for incorporation of agility in software development process. A mobile application testing company focuses on enhancing the performance and quality of mobile applications to make their products successful.

Software testing has not only developed with time, but has become a lot more challenging due to striving for quick software releases. Testing experts require advanced skill levels in order to add value to the software development process. Following points are our take home when we look at the future of mobile and web application testing:

Testing Multiple Aspects of an Application

The future of mobile application testing calls for rigorous front-end and back-end testing of application. Web-based application testing requires various Quality Assurance (QA) checks at both UI level and API level. Testers require gaining proficiency in using tools during various layers of an application. Testers will be able to test various test cases at an exponential rate with the help of using the right software testing tools.

Use of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Testing

Just like Agile methodologies, the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) in software testing is the new industry trend. Although these methodologies still exist in the market and software testing companies are implementing these technologies, there are still areas that need to be discovered.

Contribution of QA Teams at Early Development Stages

Since DevOps has taken back the software industry, the gap between software development and software testing needs to be covered to produce more reliable and stable products. QA teams should be involved in early stages of the software development process. Testers should be more cohesive and consistent with their testing efforts and need to be more focused on detecting before launching the product.

Upgraded Skills Required for IoT Testing

From mobile phones, smart devices to VR, the emerging trends of Internet of Things (IoT) calls for more effective web and mobile app testing in the future. It is estimated there will be 20 billion IoT devices by 2020 and thus testers should upgrade their skills for efficient testing. These devices should be tested for functionality, accuracy, security and reliability, thus making software testing more complex.


It is evident that future of web and mobile application testing requires more use of test automation. Test automation ensures faster delivery of quality applications that augments organization’s success. Whether you are a part of the QA or development team, enhancement of skills is necessary to facilitate the production of stable software products. With all the advancements in this current digital era, testers need to upgrade their skills as well and work on how quality assurance can be made an essential part of the software development process. it is expected that growth of mobile apps will lead to more successful apps in the future.

Author Bio:

Ray Parker is a senior marketing consultant with a knack for writing about the latest news in tech, quality assurance, software development and travel. With a decade of experience working in the tech industry, Ray now dabbles out of his New York office.