Article | February 11, 2021

"Free Market Feedback": New Insights From The RSPA ISV Community

Source: RSPA

By Jim Roddy, Vice President of Marketing, RSPA

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It’s been a while since I shared with you an inside look at the RSPA Niche & Startup ISV Community (the COVID crisis got in the way – sorry). This group of 60+ software developer executives holds a conference call every five or six weeks to network, learn from each other’s experiences, and foster business development opportunities.

A recent ISV Community session on handling customization requests from merchants and resellers unearthed several interesting observations of great interest to VARs and fellow ISVs. Here are some of the notes I typed as the ISVs talked:

  • We thought we set clear expectations with a new customer – they provided feedback and input. After the contract was signed, they had a long wish list for us to change the product. It seems no matter what expectations you set, some customers hear what they want.
  • How we’re handling that: moved to MOU (memorandum of understanding). It’s not a legally binding document but it clearly details on both sides the agreement. We get them to agree in writing and sign that document.
  • We sell technology to people who have not had technology before, so they don’t know what questions to ask us about our product’s features. We draft a document that describes what we do and don’t do in friendly language.
  • We give them a standard order form for the customization. They draft out what they want, we give them a price. We didn’t want a lawyer to have to review every customization agreement.

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