Magazine Article | December 30, 2009

Tech Trends: Four Steps To VoIP Success

By Jay McCall, Business Solutions magazine

According to a January 2005 study of 1,500 midsize businesses conducted by Info-Tech Research Group, 23% said they were using VoIP. The firm predicts that number will rise to 50% by 2008, and by 2015 just about everyone will be using it. In another study conducted by Synergy Research Group, IP PBX (private branch exchange) sales accounted for 55% of all PBX sales in 2005. These are just two examples of VoIP's growing popularity, which is being seen in several vertical markets. According to Tripp Lite Sales Director Curtiz Gangi, "We see the highest adoption of VoIP in campus and multilocation environments, in markets such as education, banking, government agencies, and retail."

Used with permission from Business Solutions magazine.