Brochure | November 10, 2010

Datasheet:FilterPro™ Power Filter

Source: ONEAC

Chloride's FilterPro combines two proven cost-effective technologies to protect your sensitive electrical equipment against the harmful effects of electrical surges and spikes. A superior level of power protection at a reasonable cost.

Chloride combines the benefits of filter technology and surge suppression to provide an extra level of protection that's unavailable with a traditional TVSS. This new design reduces harmful electrical disturbances, extending the life of your system and peripherals with performance that conventional surge suppressors alone can not match.

Convenient features

  • Phone, data, and power line protection provides complete protection in a single unit, including POTS and ADSL.
  • Push-to-reset circuit breaker means no fuses required to restore functionality after overload.
  • Easily combined with small basic UPS for cost-effective solutions
  • Red and green LEDs provide convenient indication that power is present and wiring is correct.
  • Compact design fits in limited space.
  • Included wall mount bracket enables neat, secure installations in busy environments.
  • Triple receptacle, cruciform output connector accommodates a mix of standard line cords and plug-in transformers without interference.