News Feature | May 23, 2014

Field Service IT News — May 23, 2014

By Amy Taylor, contributing writer

Field Service IT News

In the news, a report reveals about a third of managers believe their field service organizations are ineffective applying data analysis to decisions. Also, GPS monitoring will help your vending services customers stay competitive, and workflow improvements can help your field service clients save money. In addition, a GE Capital Fleet Services report concludes safety remains a top priority among fleet managers, followed by workflow productivity and cost savings.

Field Service Data Can Make Or Break A Business

Business2Community says there are four things that you might not know about field service data. Citing the report Transforming Service Delivery: An Insight Report, the article states nearly 30 percent of managers believe that their organization is ineffective at using the data they collect to make decisions and the ability to make sense of the data can make the difference between a business that is good and one that stands above the rest.

GPS Fleet Tracking Expands Remote Monitoring Benefits To Trucks

Vending Times Inc. said that vehicles and vending machines represent an operation’s two major capital costs in the vending industry. GPS monitoring is becoming necessary to your customers seeking to stay competitive by making route scheduling more efficient and minimizing machine downtime.

Fleet Management To Evolve With Technology

Work Truck predicts the future of fleet management by watching how technology and business practices are evolving outside of fleet. The three transformational forces to consider are expenses, generational demographics, and trends in technology.

Workflow Improvements Hold Potential To Increase Revenue

WaterWorld reports that a new survey reveals changing and improving workflow processes increase savings of 30 minutes or more per day per technician. The potential average savings totals $875,000 per year, identifying a need to better align goals with the actual process and workflow reviews.

Driver Safety Remains The Main Priority Among Fleet Management

According to a recent press release on Business Wire, GE Capital Fleet Services conducted a survey that concluded driver safety remains a top priority among fleet managers. More than a third of fleet managers identify safety as their main concern, outpacing cost savings and workforce productivity.

Field Service IT Talking Points

Forbes Magazine reports on “5 Reasons Why Cloud Should Be On Everyone’s Resume,” identifying the benefits of the technology for everyone.

InfoWorld identifies “Why field service workers love their iPads.”

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