News Feature | March 10, 2014

Field Service IT News — March 10, 2014

By Amy Taylor, contributing writer

Field Service IT News

GPS technology recently played a role in the recovery of stolen trailers. Also in the news, Cook County, IL, approved the use of an automated vehicle locations system for real-time tracking of county vehicles, as well as performance data collection.

GPS Technology Assists In Theft Reduction Among Trailers

The Claremore Daily Progress said that GPS Technology directly resulted in the recovery of trailers that had been stolen. The Rogers County Sherrif’s Office used GPS tracking devices to track a stolen trailer. The technology can be used in multiple locations to track a variety of equipment.

County To Track Vehicles In Effort To Improve Emergency Responses

GCN reports that the board of Cook County, IL, recently approved technology upgrades that will track the location of county vehicles and automate building inspections. The automated vehicle location system will provide real-time GPS tracking of country vehicles in an effort to improve emergency response times and speed snow removal and roadway maintenance, while also capturing performance data within county departments.

Field Service IT Talking Points

There are exactly “5 Things You Need to Know About Bluetooth Low Energy” (BLE), reports CIO. The technology is quickly gaining momentum in smart homes, retail geofencing and mobile payments applications. said that one of the nation’s largest fleet management companies opened the first truck dealership, Commercial Truck Center of Virginia. PHH Arval, a unit of PHH Corporation, will sell used- vehicles whose leases with business clients have expired and it will launch with about 100 trucks, including everything from vans to tractor-trailers, ranging from 2 to 10 years old.

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