News Feature | June 26, 2014

Field Service IT News For VARs — June 26, 2014

By Amy Taylor, contributing writer

Field Service IT News For VARs

In the news, an article reports a panel at the CCJ Summer Symposium says experiences with e-logs have been overwhelmingly positive. In other news are reports of ways for field service organizations to leverage technology to improve service strategy and lower costs.

Experience With E-Logs Ultimately Positive

Commercial Carrier Journal reports that the experience with e-logs of panelists at the CCJ Summer Symposium is overwhelmingly positive. While the process of implementing e-logs took six quarters and was not cheap, it’s beneficial to have the flexibility before government-implemented deadlines. Training and equipment installation were two implementation bottlenecks, but the e-logs have become a powerful management tool allowing quick and accurate matching of drivers with available hours and loads.

Technology Improves Any Field Service Program

Business2Comminity reports on ways for field service to leverage technology to improve a business’s customer service strategy, while lowering costs and overhead. The tips include scrapping paper forms, dispatching work orders electronically, using digital audit trails. Additionally, it’s important to give field reps the tools they to upsell while in the field, and keep accurate records of the field reps’ whereabouts while they’re in the field.

Data Links To The Operation Of A Top-Notch Fleet With Payment Cards

PYMNTS reports on tips and tricks for an excellent fleet management system that includes payment cards, electronic systems, and current data.  Properly utilized tools for payment cards can create a “closed loop” network, specifying what a driver buys at different locations. Additionally, strong electronic systems are able to streamline administrative duties, reducing waste and eliminating redundant efforts.

Trailer Market Analysis And Forecast Released By ACT Research

ACT Research published its “Global Trailer Market Analysis & Forecast 2009-2016” white paper that includes analyses, data, insights and forecasts for the major trailer markets, said Fleet Owner. Over the years, this reports has become the base analysis on the health of the U.S. trailer industry.

Field Service IT Talking Points

Fleet Owner said that there are a mix of factors attributing to the challenges and opportunities for the trucking industry. There is strong U.S. freight demand, driven by a recent resurgence in housing and manufacturing activity, but a lackluster forecast is ahead in overall economic growth coupled with a dire shortage of truck drivers. Market freight availability increased 40 percent versus the same month in 2013, which is the 11th consecutive month to post a year-over-year record increase.

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