News Feature | February 26, 2014

Field Service IT News For VARs — February 26, 2014

By Amy Taylor, contributing writer

SageQuest GPS Vehicle Management

Technology continually propels field service efficiency forward, which is readily apparent at the Mobile World Congress. In other news, data and analytics are helping to cut costs, legislators continue to look at the use and distribution of GPS data, and a company that implemented e-logging shares some benefits of the technology.

Mobile World Congress Under Way, New Technology Highlighted

Mobile Enterprise summarizes the highlights from MWC in “Gearing Up at Mobile World Congress.” The article includes news of AirWatch’s integration with Intel Device Protection Technology (DPT) for Android deployments and SOTI expanding its Android OEM (original equipment manufacturer) partnerships. Also featured are DMI’s new Movy platform and Good Technology’s cloud-based secure mobile solutions.

GE Capital Fleet Services Cutting Costs, In Part, With Data And Analytics

MonitorDaily says that GE Capital Fleet Services recently identified $481 million in potential cost savings. The savings, in part, are a result of the fleet service’s use of analytical tools, focusing on benchmarking performance in real time, optimizing fleet performance, and sizing vehicles via cargo rationalization.

Limits May Be Enforced On GPS Tracking Data And Its Distribution

The New York Post reports that Senator Charles Schumer is calling for data limits in GPS devices. Schumer claims that GPS devices and other auto technologies are tracking drivers, with or without their knowledge, and potentially distributing the data to third-party companies. Federal regulations would restrict the selling of information without the driver’s permission.

Passenger Carriers Implement E-Logs In Fleet Management

The passenger carrier market is anticipating regulations pertaining to hours of service that specify the use of e-logs. Commercial Carrier Journal shares a case study of TransCor America’s use of Rand McNally’s mobile fleet management system. Benefits of e-logging to your customers include reduced stress on drivers responsible for keeping track of and calculating hours. Companies can also reward drivers for safe driving, evidenced through benchmarks provided by the technology.

Field Service IT Talking Points

When it comes to selling a fleet truck or a fleet of trucks, there are multiple parties involved. examines the process from the buyer’s side and the seller’s side and what both sides are looking for to close the deal. Professional assistance from a trusted investment banking firm is recommended by both parties.

Fleet Owner said that Love’s Travel Stops are now in Louisiana. The travel stop is a popular stop for trucks, offering truck parking spaces, tire care, bulk DEF and additional resources to professional drivers. The Louisiana location is in Duson at Exit 92.

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