News Feature | February 4, 2014

Field Service IT News – February 4, 2014

By Amy Taylor, contributing writer

BSM-Trending Up

This week, a report shows the GPS fleet management market is still growing and the FMCSA will propose a rule that includes mandating ELDs. Also, the new generation of workers, #GenMobile, is adequately prepped for the latest IT trends and expecting to use technology as they take on field service jobs.

GPS Fleet Management Market Still Growing, ELDs Could Be Mandated

The Commercial Carrier Journal reports that GPS fleet management systems continue to become more prevalent in the transportation industry and are ripe with opportunity for additional growth. A study by C.J. Driscoll and Associates, “2013-14 Survey of Fleet Operator Interest in MRM Systems and Services,” found more than two-thirds of truckload carriers and private fleets that have GPS fleet management systems also have the technology integrated with the vehicles to capture performance data. The study, the largest survey in the U.S. commercial telematics market in recent years, also found 17 percent of respondents said they plan adding a type of GPS-based fleet management solution in next 12 to 18 months.

GPS fleet management system solutions providers expected a greater demand following the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) announced in 2010 it would mandate electronic logging devices (ELDs). FMCSA, which received a court challenge about the potential for e-logs to be used to harass drivers, is expected to propose a new rule that could go into effect as early as 2015. The study found most fleets are not planning to implement ELD solutions before they are mandated.

Technology Has Critical Role In Business Success

Business 2 Community said that your client’s investment in the fundamentals of a strong field services structure prevents damage to their brand’s image and retains their customers. You can advise your clients how to use technology, together with other elements of their business, to maintain best-in-class organizations and, in turn, increase their revenue.

The New Generation Of Workers Is Increasingly Mobile Dependent

Mobile Enterprise is reporting that there is a new workforce emerging within mobile workers, #GenMobile, and IT is playing a pivotal role. The new generation of workers embraces their mobile devices and the efficiency it allows within the workplace. You can help your clients make optimal technology choices, along with security and connections, to respond to this shift in the workforce.

UConn Bus System Runs Into Problems with GPS Tracking

The UConn Daily Campus reports that the University of Connecticut has been unable to track a sizeable portion of the buses using its GPS system for the last several months due to ongoing technical glitches. The UConn Transportation Services has yet to solve the problem with the tracking system, a program paid for through student fees.

Field Service IT Talking Points

On Fleet Owner, Brian Straight makes the case that trucking is waiting for a skilled technician workforce. He says that from not enough drivers to a shortage of skilled technicians, there is a constant state of trying to find that next generation of employees for the fleets.

Ryan Driscoll explains the value of GPS tracking for construction companies’ vehicle fleets. In the article “Take the Guesswork Out of Fleet Maintenance with GPS Tracking Technology,” he states your customers will see ROI through fleet visibility with real-time location information and maintenance management that will keep heavy equipment and vehicles in service for longer periods of time.

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