News | December 13, 2011

FEC, 5th In Global Point Of Sale Market Share!


Firich Enterprises Co., Ltd., (FEC) has the fifth largest share in the global POS market accoring to Retail Banking Research, an accredited strategic research and consulting firm. Based off of their reseach paper entitled "Global EPOS market, on path to recovery," FEC places ahead of DigiPOS, Posiflex and Fujitsu in terms of global market share. According to Bill Hsu, General Manager and Chairman of FEC, "This is just the beginning. Our new products along with new markets and partnerships are well positioned to drive FEC market share even higher."

Suppliers' Shares of Programmable EPOS Shipments Worldwide, 2010
Already a strong presence across Europe, FEC continues to expand its markets in China, Germany, United States and South America. Bill Hsu emphasises that, "there are many untapped markets that FEC is agressively pursuing. To become successful, we will have not only have great products, but great service." Over the past year, FEC has expanded its sales and support staff in many countries. Combined with the new line of POS products, FEC is well equipped to increase its global share.

SOURCE: Firich Enterprises Co., Ltd., (FEC)