Magazine Article | April 19, 2010

Feature Article: Expand Your POS Sales Reach

By Mike Monocello, Business Solutions magazine.

When it comes to your geographic sales region, you might be feeling a little hamstrung. Some VARs are simply resigned to working a limited territory, trying in vain year over year to eke out more sales than their competition. Systems Technology Group (STG) was faced with that situation shortly after the company's inception in 1996. While the Buffalo, NY-based company is far from tucked away in a remote town, owner Gary Kielich realized that there wasn't enough opportunity in Buffalo to grow his business to the size and at the pace he wanted. Today, nearly 75% of STG's revenue comes from outside of 60 miles of Buffalo. While STG sells POS (point of sale) solutions to retailers and restaurants of all sizes, it's the larger multiunit installs that are helping the company grow. What are some of the keys to winning these multiunit national accounts? While a lot obviously goes into a successful business, software development, kitchen video, and video security are three keys to STG's recent success.