Datasheet | December 2, 2009


ETERNUS® CS Virtual Tape Appliance (VTA) provides fully integrated Disk to Disk to Tape backup. It offers data protection for all types of enterprise data. The ETERNUS CS Grid Architecture provides excellent scalability and disaster tolerance. ETERNUS CS's True Tape Virtualization provides excellent connectivity as well as Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) reduction. ETERNUS CS is the only virtual tape solution that makes tape fit for Information Lifecycle Management (ILM).

Features and Benefits

  • Standard modular building blocks
  • Excellent Scalability
  • Unmatched Disaster Tolerance
  • Supports many geographical locations
  • Stretch to two data centers working together

True Tape Virtualization

  • Superior Connectivity
  • Supports the widest variety of servers, operating systems, backup software and tape systems in the industry
  • Connects to open systems, mainframes, legacy systems such as the AS/400 and even filers
  • Outstanding TCO reduction
  • Controls the complete tape infrastructure

ETERNUS CS makes tape available ILM options

  • Supports Service Level Agreements through policy driven concepts that reflect the value of the data within an ILM strategy