From The Editor | April 15, 2010

ETA Annual Meeting Day 2

RetailNOW 2010 Was A Huge Success! … Now What?

By Mike Monocello, chief editor

In yesterday's notebook entry, I noted how the VAR and ISV community has shown an increased interest in payment processing. One thing I forgot to mention, that I'm very proud of, is Business Solutions recently appointed status of Premier VAR/ISV Publishing Partner for this Annual Meeting and Expo. Walking the floor of ETA, I take my job and this designation very seriously as the source for information on the payments industry that's specifically applicable to VARs and ISVs.

It goes without saying that after the short time I had on the show floor the night before, I was excited to have a full day of appointments and sessions to attend today at the ETA Annual Meeting and Expo.

A full day of appointments simply drove home the fact that mobile payments and PCI are the issues of this show. Another trend that was less obvious was that many of the exhibitors who traditionally look to ISOs and agents as their go-to sales channel are now actively recruiting VARs and ISVs. In the next 12 months, I expect you'll be seeing more direct efforts by many payments companies to recruit you into their sales channel.

Of course, I managed to get a handful of videos (more are on the way... I have to get some sleep!) and I also collected a bunch of breaking news releases (I sorted through the ones specific to VARs and ISVs).

Finally, be sure to visit our Inside ETA page later this week. Once I wrap up the final day and get home, I'll be posting my final thoughts, video interviews, and more breaking news.