White Paper

ERP Integration: Time & Attendance On Any Device

Source: Accu-Time Systems, Inc.
Workforce Management

How SaaS-based middleware enables the device-agnostic collection of time and attendance data in virtually any software environment.

Software integration projects are like an emotional roller coaster. They often begin with the thrill of anticipated efficiency; the C-suite buys into the promises of big business benefits and quick return, the dotted line is signed and the troops are rallied. Sleeves are rolled up and the front office is riding high.

Then the real work begins, and the complexity of the software environment begins throwing curve balls at the integration team. Applications don’t play nice with one another, refusing to share the data necessary to enable the intended efficiencies. The project stalls. Benefits so eloquently stated during the sales pitch are placed in a holding pattern. The path to ROI is prolonged.

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