Case Study

Epic Technologies Achieves Phenomenal Managed Services Growth

Source: Continuum

As a telecom vendor expanding into IT, Epic Technologies initially experienced some bumps in the road. Managing multiple vendors plus tedious in-house tasks was costly and inefficient. Then, they partnered with Continuum for integrated network operations, monitoring and user helpdesk services. Learn how Continuum has helped Epic grow their managed services revenue by 92% in just one year, and how your business can follow a simple blueprint to achieve similar results.


Epic Technologies had recently added IT managed services to their existing telecom business, but were experiencing efficiency and cost challenges in working with a number of vendors while trying to provide monitoring and support to clients on their own.

Monumental Partnership

Just a couple of years ago, Epic Technologies was primarily a telecom VAR that had recently transitioned into managed services. However, their foray into IT wasn’t going as smoothly as Don Viar, Epic’s managing partner, had hoped. Viar had become frustrated dealing with what he calls a “hodgepodge of vendors” and investing hundreds of man-hours into configuring software, monitoring networks and other mundane tasks.

“Historically, we were running the monitoring software in house, using one third party for the NOC, trying to get them to help us monitor, and using another third party for helpdesk services. But Continuum brought us a much better monitoring solution married to an enterprise-class NOC, plus the service desk. They really bring it all together in one relationship for us,” Viar said.

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