Guest Column | March 15, 2013

Enterprise Mobility: Reducing Or Eliminating IT's Mobile To Do List

How BYOD and department-level apps can help IT be more productive

By Peter Price, CEO of Webalo

From the very beginning of the smartphone revolution, IT has been concerned about security and support — even before employees started bringing their own devices into the workplace and wanting to use them to access the enterprise. From security and support (which were concerns when laptops were introduced, as well), problems spread to development — if IT were to build mobile apps for all of the different devices, the programming and maintenance burden would overwhelm budgets and staff time. The only easily recognized benefit of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) was in shifting the cost of mobile phones from the company to the employee.

Advances in technology within just a few short years, have provided IT with solutions to both security and development issues. Mobile device management (MDM) vendors have essentially solved the security issues and new development tools now provide solutions across all the major mobile platforms. The mobile enterprise market has grown in importance as more companies recognize the productivity benefits of enterprise mobility and as new tools have been introduced that reduce the time and cost required to build and deploy mobile apps in BYOD environments. Yet demand is growing, and it’s virtually impossible for IT to give employees every mobile capability they ask for.

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