Case Study

Case Study: ENKI Monitors The Cloud With Nimsoft

ENKI has been managing cloud computing environments for over two and a half years. Attesting to the increased acceptance and adoption of cloud computing, over time, they've seen their customer base change from one that mainly consists of small, early stage companies to one that increasingly comprises large, well-established enterprises.

Customers come to ENKI looking to outsource everything. No client equipment is ever installed in ENKI's data center, and everything is virtualized, which provides ENKI customers with far more agility and costs savings than if they were to house services on their own infrastructure. For example, a client with seasonal business spikes can automatically increase their resource capacity to accommodate those spikes. Further, after the spikes have passed, their capacity—and their expenses—can also be reduced, all without human intervention. In the past, these kinds of organizations would have had to invest in a large number of servers to meet peak demand, only to have many of those resources sit idle for much of the year.