White Paper

Enjoying The Benefits Of A Variable-Cost Workforce

Source: Field Nation
Variable-Cost Workforce

Running a successful IT practice is hard work, which is made all the more difficult by the fixed-cost workforce model many IT providers rely on to staff their companies. Indeed, headcount (too high or too low) and quality can severely limit an organization’s ability to scale and succeed. However, there is a paradigm-busting transformational movement in how organizations and companies are completing their work.

The convergence of mobility, changes in societal habits, and changing philosophies regarding permanent hires have given birth to a powerful and effective freelance movement. For those IT solution providers who aren’t locked into the notion of a fixed workforce, this variable-cost freelance labor force can introduce new and nearly unlimited success. To help open your mind to the possibilities, let’s consider how a traditional fixed-cost workforce can cause problems or be limiting, and show how a variable model can be just the opposite.

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