News | January 6, 2015

EnGenius Extends Wireless AC Connectivity Outdoors, Enhances Capabilities Of Neutron Series WLAN Management Solution

Launch of Dual-Band Wireless 11ac 3x3:3 Managed Outdoor Access Point and Free Firmware Upgrade for Neutron Series Solutions Provides Users with a Scalable, Managed Wireless Infrastructure that Delivers Enterprise-Class Wireless Anywhere at a Small Business Price Point

EnGenius Technologies, Inc., a leading provider of high-performance, versatile networking and telecommunications solutions for businesses and consumers, recently announced at the 2015 International CES a major firmware upgrade and the addition of the EWS660AP Dual-Band Wireless 11ac 3x3:3 Managed Outdoor Access Point to its growing Neutron Series WLAN Management Solution. Now with a complete range of Wireless N and AC indoor and outdoor access points, the Neutron Series makes it easy and affordable to deploy a scalable, high-performance, managed wireless infrastructure that ensures connectivity throughout the premises.

Scalable, High-Performance Managed Wireless Network Solution without Fees or Subscriptions The Neutron Series of wireless management products can be mixed and matched to create ideal wireless connectivity solutions for hotels, schools, corporate campuses, sports stadiums, and even large residential properties. While each Neutron Series controller switch can monitor and manage up to 50 Neutron Series access points, the free EnGenius Navigator software enables users to access and manage multiple Neutron Series controller switches at single or multiple sites allowing users to manage a large network of hundreds of deployed access points. With no fees or subscriptions required to manage or monitor the deployed access points, the EnGenius Neutron Series delivers enterprise-class performance without the recurring costs associated with competing solutions.

EnGenius announced the availability of a free firmware upgrade for the Neutron Series that provides a robust array of new functions and capabilities. Real-time roaming with 802.11r ensures reliable, continuous connectivity for mobile devices moving throughout the facility. Client fingerprinting makes it easier for network administrators to track and identify active clients on the network.  Additional features such as black list clients, rogue AP detection and email alerts by events help administrators ensure the security of the network and its connected assets, and wireless coverage display and IP camera topology capabilities ease the deployment and management of the network.

New Speed and Performance Breakthrough for Outdoor Wireless Managed Access Points Deployed as part of an EnGenius Neutron Series WLAN Management Solution or as a stand-alone access point, the new EWS660AP is an 802.11ac 3x3:3 dual-band, high-powered wireless managed outdoor access point that provides speeds up to 1300 Mbps on 5 GHz and up to 450 Mbps on the 2.4 GHz band. Housed in an IP55-rated enclosure for use in harsh outdoor environments, the aesthetic EWS660AP comes with pole-mount kits and combines six integrated 5 dBi high-gain omni-directional antennas with up to 29 dBm transmit power on 2.4 GHz and up to 27 dBm on the 5 GHz band to provide long-range connectivity.

The current Neutron Series family of Managed Indoor and Outdoor Access Points includes:

  • EWS360AP Dual-Band Wireless 11ac 3x3:3 Managed Indoor Access Point (MSRP $599);
  • EWS320AP Dual-Band Wireless 11n 3x3:3 Managed Indoor Access Point (MSRP $499);
  • EWS310AP Dual-Band Wireless 11n 2x2:2 Managed Indoor Access Point (MSRP $349);
  • EWS210AP Single-Band 2.4 GHz Wireless Managed Indoor Access Point (MSRP 189.99);
  • EWS860AP Outdoor Ruggedized Dual-Band Wireless 11ac 3x3:3 Managed Access Point with detachable antennas (MSRP $1,190);
  • EWS660AP Outdoor Dual-Band Wireless 11ac 3x3:3 Managed Access Point with integrated antennas (MSRP $780).

The current Neutron Series family of WLAN Management Controller Switches includes:

  • EWS7952FP 48-Port Gigabit PoE+ WLAN Management Controller Switch with 4 SFP Ports, supports up to 50 Neutron APs (MSRP $1,990);
  • EWS7928FP 24-Port 370W Gigabit PoE+ WLAN Management Controller Switch with 4 SFP Ports, supports up to 50 Neutron APs (MSRP $1,490);
  • EWS7928P 24-Port Gigabit PoE+ WLAN Management Controller Switch with 4 SFP Ports, supports up to 50 Neutron APs (MSRP $1,199);
  • EWS5912FP 8-Port Gigabit PoE+ WLAN Management Controller Switch with Uplink Ports, supports up to 20 Neutron APs (MSRP $749).

The EnGenius Neutron Series solutions are covered by a one-year limited warranty and are available in North America via authorized retailers, distributors and value-added resellers.  For more information on EnGenius Technologies and its families of long-range wired and wireless datacom and telecom products visit

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