Guest Column | December 14, 2015

7 EMV Predictions For 2016

By Beatta McInerney, Business Development Manager, Payments, ScanSource POS and Barcode

2016 EMV Predictions

The deadline for transitioning to EMV has come and gone. And with that, new opportunities and challenges abound. Here are a few predictions for EMV in 2016.

  1. Consumers will be trained on how to conduct an EMV transaction. They will become comfortable with inserting the card and following the prompts. While there will be some cards left behind initially, with the right employee training and programing of the terminal to alarm the consumer when to remove the card, it will not be a significant issue.
  2. Because there are many terminals with an EMV slot available, but not turned on, consumers will be confused on when to insert the card and when to swipe their chip card.  Even though many tier-one merchants have the credit EMV processing available, they are still finalizing the EMV debit processing. As a consumer who has all chip cards, I am swiping my debit chip card and inserting my EMV credit card when I shop at Walgreens and other tier-one merchants. This will likely continue from merchant to merchant until EMV is fully turned on across all merchants in the U.S.

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