Guest Column | May 3, 2013

EMV "Chip Card" Technology Coming To U.S.

By Lorena Harris, VP Corporate Marketing, Vantiv

As part of her role as VP Marketing for Vantiv, Lorena directs the Vantiv Insights research on consumer experience with payments.  Working with Mercator, she leads the design and development of all the research-based educational materials provided on

EMV is a global standard for credit and debit payment cards based on chip card technology with enhanced security. Embedded in the card is a microprocessor containing cryptographic processing techniques, which when utilized, make card-present payments more secure. More than one billion cardholders worldwide benefit from EMV and U.S. acquirers are required to certify their processing platforms by April 2013. Vantiv was proud to announce it was the first to achieve two critical EMV integrations with Visa and MasterCard earlier this year and plans to complete its remaining certifications on time.

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