White Paper

EMC OnDemand: Enterprise Content Management Leaps To The Cloud

Source: EMC Corporation

Every business is now in the information business. No matter what its product or service, a company which learns to manage and capitalize the ever-increasing flow of chat, images, video, voice, posts, blogs, email, docs, and scans in the new information environment will prosper. An organization which fails to capture, manage, analyze, communicate, and properly govern their information, will fall behind.

That means the role of the IT professional has changed, and changed dramatically. Every IT department must now go beyond merely enabling and protecting information, to leveraging it for business advantage.

For larger organizations, the crucial transformation comes with the deployment of true Enterprise Content Management, or ECM. Only a enterprise-class ECM solution can capture, locate, govern, and create context for the rapidly-expanding media which now constitute "business."

But let's face it: the cost and complexity of implementing and maintaining a mission critical ECM system can be daunting. The factors include not just the ECM solution, operating system, database, server and virtualization infrastructures, but security administration, scalability planning, upgrade planning, disaster planning, third-party application purchases, application integration, and support—not to mention recruiting and keeping the right expertise.